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Operation process of integrated sewage treatment equipment

Source:Jiangsu Envset     Time:18 March 2021

When we use integrated sewage treatment equipment, we need to follow certain operating procedures. Let us introduce the operation process of the integrated sewage treatment equipment.

The installation and commissioning personnel must first open the water inlet valve, the water outlet valve, start the equipment water inlet lifting pump, and transport the sewage from the regulating tank (which can be civil construction) to the domestic sewage treatment equipment.
process of integrated sewage treatment equipment
For the equipment used for the first time and debugging, when the water level reaches 1/2 the height of the equipment, stop the water pumping, open the fan inlet valve, turn on the fan, slowly open the fan outlet valve, and start after 48 hours of aeration into the contact oxidation tank The inflow lifting pump will add the sewage to 3/4 of the equipment, and then aerate into the tank for 24 hours. The staff should touch the filler with their hands to see if there is a sticky feeling, and observe the growth of microorganisms in the water body until a layer of orange-yellow biofilm grows on the filler, before the sewage can be continuously sent to the equipment, and the water volume should be gradually increased to the designed water volume. Regularly observe the growth of microorganisms in the water. If abnormalities are found, the influent water volume should be adjusted in time, and the flow pattern of the secondary settling tank should be observed. The effluent collection must be uniform. Generally, the mud must be discharged once every 24 hours. The solenoid valve uses air lift to lift the sludge in the secondary settling tank to the sludge tank.

The integrated sewage treatment equipment adds disinfectant (chlorine chips, etc.) into the disinfection tank as needed. The water from the secondary sedimentation tank passes through the disinfectant dosing tank, and the medicine is partially dissolved to achieve the purpose of disinfection. After the treated water stays in the clean water tank for about 0.5 hours, it meets the discharge requirements and can be discharged to the outside water body. After the equipment is debugged and operated normally, the system can enter automatic operation. Switch the operation of the water pump and fan in the automatic running state on site. Since the electrical operation control cabinet uses the PLC automatic control program, the program has been added before the equipment leaves the factory (usually switched once per shift), and there is no need to set it separately during operation.

Finally, the user should inspect the effluent quality from time to time in accordance with the environmental protection discharge requirements to ensure the normal operation of the sewage treatment equipment.

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