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Biological bacteria culture method of integrated sewage treatment system

Source:Jiangsu Envset     Time:02 November 2020

integrated sewage treatment system

Biological bacteria can help the buried integrated sewage treatment system to better treat sewage. Next, we will introduce to you the cultivation method of biological bacteria in integrated sewage treatment system.

1. Natural boring exposure method;
Fill the aeration tank of the integrated sewage treatment system with sewage, then stop the water inflow, and start aeration. Only aeration without water inflow is called "boring aeration". After boring aeration for 2 to 3 days, stop the aeration and let it sink for 2 hours. , And then enter part of the fresh sewage, this part of sewage can account for about 1/5 of the tank capacity. Later, the three processes of boring exposure, quiet sinking and water inflow will be repeated. The time of this boring exposure should be shorter than the last time, that is, the number of water inlets increases. Using this method, the stuffy aeration can be stopped after about 20 days, continuous water inflow and continuous aeration, and the system can be directly operated automatically.

2. Concentrated activated sludge inoculation culture method:
Use the concentrated sludge of a nearby sewage treatment plant as a strain to cultivate. Urban sewage and activated sludge cultivation of an industrial wastewater treatment system with complete nutrients and low toxicity can directly add seed sludge to the wastewater to be treated for continuous aeration. The sewage can be fed into the sewage continuously until the sludge turns brownish-yellow. At this time, the sedimentation tank is also put into operation, allowing the sludge to circulate in the system. From an economic point of view, the amount of seeded sludge should be as small as possible, and in general, it should be controlled after dilution Make the mixed liquid sludge concentration above 0.5g/L.

3. Dry sludge inoculation culture method;
The water content of the sludge cake dewatered by the sludge filter press is about 70-80%. 1. The inoculated sludge must first use fresh mud cake that has just been dehydrated, and a small amount of water must be added and mashed into mud before being added to the aeration tank. 2: Put the dry sludge pounded into slurry into the "aerobic tank aeration tank" of the system. The dosage of dry sludge is generally 2 to 5% of the tank volume. 3: Turn on the fan for aeration, and stop the aeration for 24 hours for 1 hour, until the sludge turns brown to yellow, the sewage can be continuously fed. Note: If the sludge in the aerobic aeration tank of the integrated sewage treatment system has matured, However, when there is still no wastewater entering, intermittent aeration should be entered to minimize the rate of oxidation of the sludge itself. When conditions permit, the amount of manure and non-toxic organic nutrients should be added.

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