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What wastewater treatment problems can the air flotation machine solve?

Source:     Time:25 September 2020

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The principle of the air flotation machine is to dissolve a large amount of air into the water body, and form a large number of small bubbles after decompression, which adhere to the suspended matter. The suspended matter condenses together under the adsorption of tiny bubbles and floats to the surface with the bubbles. Under the action of the slag scraper, the scum is separated from the water body, and the heavier impurities will sink to the bottom and be discharged through the mud discharge port regularly. Therefore, air flotation machines are mostly used in sewage treatment processes such as slaughter, breeding, soybean products, washing, and food processing. Let's look at the wastewater treatment problems that the air flotation machine can help us to solve.

1. Solve oily sewage
The scope of oily wastewater is very wide. Manufacturing industries such as petrochemical equipment, mechanical processing and manufacturing, and food processing all cause a lot of oily wastewater. The gas float method is suitable for removing raw oil in the case of emulsions.

2. Solve wastewater treatment
The wastewater treatment has high saturation and complicated water bodies. The ratio of BOD5/COD is relatively low, and the air floatation method can be used to solve the wastewater treatment. For the treatment of wastewater containing sulfide and dispersed insoluble dyes, the air floatation method has achieved remarkable results.

3. Solve the wastewater from the paper industry
The papermaking industry is one of the industrial productions that consume a lot of water, and the clean water caused by the papermaking section I accounts for about half of the water output in the entire papermaking industry. The clean water of the paper industry contains a lot of chemical fibers, fillers, rosin gums, etc., and the dissolved air flotation machine is used to solve the clean water. It can not only purchase chemical fibers, increase the utilization rate of resources, but also enable the application of the clean water circulation system, and Reduce water consumption and reduce sewage consumption. According to the specific operating experience, the natural gas float method can solve the clean water, generally only 15~20min, the speed is fast, the sludge load of suspended solids is about 90%, the sludge load of COD is about 80%, and the scum concentration value is Around 5%.

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