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Troubleshooting of submersible agitator

Source:Jiangsu Envset     Time:21 October 2020

submersible agitator maintenance

Many customers will experience some malfunctions after using the submersible agitator for the first time, so how to repair the malfunction? Next, we will briefly introduce the troubleshooting methods for the submersible agitator.

1. Inspection of the gear box of the submersible agitator The gear box of the submersible agitator has high machining accuracy and good heat treatment, but there have also been phenomena of broken gear teeth and no axial clearance on the gear shaft. We have carried out a thorough cleaning of the gearbox, and carefully checked the gears, gear shafts and bearings. It is found that the surface of the gear teeth is smooth, without pitting or interlocking phenomenon, the gear meshing backlash is normal, and the tooth profile has no significant wear; the radial and axial clearances of each bearing are normal, and the inner and outer rings and roller surfaces are free of pitting and freckles, and the overall quality is good ; The axial clearance of each shaft is fair, and the output shaft of the handwheel flows freely, without jamming, and no abnormal sound. Therefore, troubleshoot the gearbox.
2. Inspection of mechanical seal of submersible agitator
The mechanical seal is the most prone to failure of the submersible agitator. The mechanical seal is often ineffective due to wear and water in the seal cavity. We first disassembled the mechanical seal assembly, cleaned and inspected parts including two sets of mechanical seals, skeleton oil seals, output shafts, bearings, housings and end covers, and checked the relevant dimensions of the bearing housing and output shaft. If the problem is found, it indicates that the mechanical seal department is in good condition and eliminates the possibility of failure.

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