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New technology of sludge treatment- Thermal hydrolysis and anaerobic digestion

Source:Jiangsu Envset     Time:29 October 2020

sludge treatment technology

Thermal Hydrolysis Process (THP) is an anaerobic digestion technology for dehydrated sludge with a solid content of 15% to 20%. Specifically, this process is an anaerobic digestion technology for high-solid dehydrated sludge (solid content 15%-20%) through high-temperature and high-pressure thermal hydrolysis pretreatment.

The process uses high temperature (155℃~170℃) and high pressure (6bar) to perform thermal hydrolysis and flash evaporation of the sludge, so that the extracellular polymers and macromolecular organic matter in the sludge are hydrolyzed, and the microorganisms in the sludge are broken down. The cell wall strengthens the biochemical properties of the materials, improves the fluidity of the materials, increases the volume utilization rate of the sludge anaerobic digestion tank, the degradation rate of organic matter and the gas production of anaerobic digestion, and can improve the sludge performance through high temperature and high pressure pretreatment. The hygienic performance and the dewatering performance of the biogas residue can further reduce the moisture content of the biogas residue, which is beneficial to the resource utilization of the biogas residue after anaerobic digestion. This process has been applied in large-scale projects in European countries.

Compared with traditional digestion, this process has the following characteristics:
(1) High conversion rate of organic matter
(2) The harmlessness level is improved, pathogenic bacteria are completely killed, and the mud cake reaches A level;
(3) The PH is slightly higher, which can reduce the concentration of H2S and CO2 in the biogas and increase the content of CH4;
(4) Reduce sludge volume and improve sludge stability.

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