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The daily management precautions

Source:Jiangsu Envset     Time:30 March 2021

As a professional sludge dewatering machine supplier and manufacturer, let us introduce the precautions for daily management.

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Precautions for daily management of sludge dewatering machine

(1) In accordance with the requirements of the dewatering machine, the sewage treatment equipment should regularly observe the observation items and inspect and maintain the machine. For example, when inspecting the centrifugal dehydrator, pay attention to the oil level of the oil tank, the oil flow of the bearing, the temperature of the cooling water and the cooling oil, the vibration of the equipment, and the reading of the ammeter. Pay attention to the water when inspecting the belt press dehydrator. Whether the operation control instruments such as pressure gauge, mud pressure gauge and oil gauge are working properly.

(2) Regularly check the wear and tear of the easily worn parts of the dehydrator, and replace them if necessary. The wearable parts of the belt press dehydrator include rollers, filter cloth, etc., and the wearable parts of the centrifugal dehydrator are screw conveyors.

(3) If hard particles such as sand particles in the mud have caused damage to the filter belt, drum or screw conveyor, repair it immediately. If the damage is serious, it must be replaced.

(4) The mud-water separation effect of the sludge dewatering machine is greatly affected by temperature. For sewage treatment equipment such as centrifugal dewatering machine, the moisture content of the mud cake in winter is 2% to 3% higher than that in summer. Therefore, the sewage should be strengthened in winter. Insulation of mud conveying and dehydration machine room, or increase the dosage of medicament, and sometimes even need to replace the dehydrating agent with better effect.

(5) Before the dewatering machine shuts down, it is necessary to ensure that there is sufficient water washing time to ensure that the inside of the machine and the periphery of the machine are clean and to reduce the possibility of foul smell. Otherwise, if the accumulated mud is dried on the machine, the bonding fastness will be very high, and it will be very difficult to wash it later, which will directly affect the normal operation and dewatering effect of the next dewatering machine.

(6) Frequently observe and test the dewatering effect of the dewatering machine during dewatering. If the solid content of the mud cake is decreased or the filtrate is turbid, timely measures should be taken to solve it. At the same time, observe whether the operation of the dehydrator equipment itself is normal, and the sewage treatment equipment should take timely measures to solve the abnormal situation to avoid major problems with the dehydrator.

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