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Slaughterhouse wastewater treatment system

Source:Jiangsu Envset     Time:04 November 2020

Slaughterhouse wastewater treatment system is a modular high-efficiency sewage biological treatment equipment. It is a sewage biological treatment system with biofilm as the main body of purification. It makes full use of the anaerobic biological filter, contact oxidation bed and other biofilm reactors. The characteristics of high biological density, strong pollution resistance, low power consumption, stable operation and convenient maintenance, make this system have a wide application prospect and promotion value.

slaughterhouse wastewater treatment system

1. Introduction to Anaerobic Biological Filter

1) Filtration: The filler intercepts large particles and suspended solids filtered into the water;
2) Absorption: Anaerobic microorganisms adsorb and absorb organic pollutants in the water, some are used for their own growth and reproduction, and some are sealed by U-shaped water in the form of biogas;
3) After the rural sewage is treated by the anaerobic filter, the concentration of suspended solids, organic pollutants and nitrogen is reduced, and the subsequent load of contacting the oxidation bed is also reduced. 

2. The principle of contact oxidation bed
Ingestion and decomposition: Under the condition of continuous air flow into the reactor, aerobic microorganisms can take the adsorbed organic pollutants as nutrients in the body for metabolism, part of which is used for their own growth and reproduction, and part of it is converted into carbon dioxide and water .

3. Working principle of sedimentation tank
The sludge that settles to the bottom is automatically returned to the contact oxidation bed to maintain the sludge concentration in the contact oxidation bed.

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