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Principles of sewage treatment

Source:Jiangsu Envset     Time:03 March 2021

When we are carrying out sewage treatment, in order to improve the efficiency of sewage treatment and ensure the effect of sewage treatment, we need to follow certain principles of sewage treatment. Let us introduce the principles of sewage treatment.
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1. The principle of whole process control. Control the whole process of hospital sewage generation, treatment and discharge.
2. The principle of reduction. The internal sanitation and safety management system of the hospital shall be strictly controlled, and the source of sewage and sewage shall be strictly controlled and separated. Domestic sewage and ward sewage in the hospital shall be collected separately, that is, source control, clean up and diversion. It is strictly forbidden to dispose of hospital sewage and sewage into the sewer at will.
3. The principle of local treatment. In order to prevent pollution and harm during the transportation of hospital sewage, it must be treated on-site in the hospital.
4. Classification guidelines. According to the hospital's nature, scale, wastewater discharge destination and regional differences, the hospital sewage treatment is classified and guided.
5. The principle of combining compliance with risk control. Comprehensively consider the basic requirements for the discharge of sewage in general hospitals and infectious disease hospitals, and at the same time strengthen the awareness of risk control, and improve the ability to respond to emergencies in terms of process technology, engineering construction, and supervision and management.
6. Ecological safety principles. Effectively remove toxic and harmful substances in sewage, reduce the generation of disinfection by-products during the treatment process, control excessive chlorine in the effluent, and protect the safety of the ecological environment.
7. The process design is reasonable and reliable
8. A mature and stable process should be selected so that the wastewater after passing through the sewage treatment system meets the local discharge standards and the indicators required by the owner.
9. Simple maintenance and economical processing cost
10. The operating cost of the treatment system should be reduced under the conditions of reasonable technology and ensuring compliance with emission standards. At the same time, processes that require large-scale shutdowns for maintenance during long-term operation in the future should not be used.
11. Consider avoiding secondary pollution when designing the sewage treatment system and minimize the impact on the surrounding environment.
12. Adopt a higher degree of automation control system.

The above are the principles of sewage treatment. Jiangsu Envset is a plant and manufacturer of high-quality sewage treatment equipment. If you want to know more about the principles of sewage treatment, please feel free to consult us.

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