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Preparation work before test of dissolved air flotation machine

Source:Jiangsu Envset     Time:19 November 2020

What kind of preparations should we do before running the dissolved air flotation machine? Let's briefly introduce the preparation work before the test of the dissolved air flotation machine.

When installing the dissolved air flotation machine, the electrical box is usually placed on the side of the escalator while keeping the surrounding environment clean and tidy. Before installation, the foundation needs to be compacted. The height is 100 to 150 mm with concrete mortar. It can also be installed overhead, but the foundation must be able to bear the weight of the equipment during operation. The clear water outlet can be connected to the sewer for discharge. If it needs to enter the next treatment process, it can be directly connected to the next treatment equipment.

After determining the installation location, the air flotation machine should be adjusted to keep it level. In addition, the connection pipeline between the sewage inlet and the reaction tank should be as short as possible. This is mainly to prevent the floc from being damaged in the pipeline. The sludge outlet can be connected to a sludge tank or sludge treatment equipment. In addition, it is necessary to set up a cleaning sewer, which can be dug open channels, or directly connected to the adjustment tank by pipes, so that the water from the air floatation tank can be drained.
dissolved air flotation preparation work
After the installation is complete, in order to ensure normal operation, the dissolved air flotation machine needs to be tested first. Before testing the machine, it is necessary to clean all impurities and welding slag in the pool. And to lubricate the parts that need to be lubricated, such as water pumps and air compressors. The next step is to turn on the power, start the dissolved air pump, and check whether the direction of rotation is consistent with the direction indicated by the arrow. Start the air compressor with manual control and check whether the air compressor is running normally.

If an abnormal problem is found, the cause should be found out in time and measures should be taken to deal with it. Then turn on the switch of the truss-type slag scraper. With the operation of the air float, the slag scraper will move backwards under the action of the stroke block until the sludge tank is reached, and the stroke block will turn the scraper up. Press the stop button to stop foaming. Then the staff also need to adjust the dosing device of the air flotation machine to make it operate effectively to separate sewage and suspended matter.

The above briefly introduces the installation and test preparation of the air flotation machine, and hopes to help you use the device better. Jiangsu Envset is a professional manufacturer and supplier of dissolved air flotation machines. If you want to know more about dissolved air flotation machines, please contact us.

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