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Micro sewage treatment equipment

Source:Jiangsu Envset     Time:05 November 2020

micro sewage treatment equipment

The design of micro sewage treatment equipment can greatly reduce the footprint of sewage treatment equipment. If the appropriate unit design is selected according to the water quality and water volume requirements to be treated, not only the impact resistance of the reactor can be improved, but also dephosphorization, nitrogen removal and water reuse can be achieved.

A micro sewage treatment equipment tailored for small and medium-sized enterprises, the daily processing water volume is between 4 tons and 8 tons, the processing water volume is small, and the corresponding equipment is small in size. The small and micro sewage treatment equipment integrates a variety of originally separated units A design concept in a single unit. The reaction, sedimentation and sludge return units in the traditional sewage treatment process are all concentrated in one reactor. The processes used mainly include full-scale anaerobic process, biological phosphorus removal process, biological nitrogen and phosphorus removal process, oxidation Ditch process, sequential batch activated sludge process (a kind of activated sludge wastewater treatment technology that operates by intermittent aeration), etc.

Main features of micro sewage treatment equipment:
1. Compact structure, small area, can be buried underground, plant flowers and plants on the upper part of the equipment or construct small buildings;
2. No impact on the surrounding environment, low sludge output and low noise;
3. New technology, good effect and long service life;
4. Each unit has complete composition and high operating efficiency;
5. The treatment core and auxiliary are combined, and the effluent quality is stable;
6. Use gravity flow to save energy;
7. Easy operation and convenient maintenance;
8. Fully automatic control, no need for professional management;
9. The equipment can be manufactured according to standards, or specially designed and arranged according to the needs of users;
10. The equipment takes high-efficiency biochemical treatment as the core, integrating biochemical treatment, precipitation, filtration, disinfection and other unit treatments into one, and the treated water quality is stable.

The scope of application of micro sewage treatment equipment:
1. Hotels, restaurants, nursing homes, hospitals;
2. Residential districts, villages, and market towns;
3. Factory living area;

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