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Industrial wastewater treatment method

Source:Jiangsu Envset     Time:10 May 2021

Environmental pollution has restricted my country's economic development and caused serious damage to the social environment. In order to promote sustainable development and conform to the concept of environmental protection and energy conservation advocated by the country,industrial wastewater treatment should be done well.


Further strengthen our country's environmental protection work, so that our country's development can be unrestricted and not limited to the environment. To do this, we mainly rely on the development of science and technology and the improvement of economic level, and the use of higher science and technology for wastewater treatment. The quality of wastewater treatment work provides development environment and conditions for the economic benefits of my country's manufacturing industry and enterprises.


There are many kinds ofsubstances of industrial wastewater, which generally contain toxic chemicals, such as sulfur dioxide gas in exhaust gas and chemicals containing heavy metals such as chromium in wastewater. These chemicals will enter the ecological environment if they are not properly treated, such as those containing sulfur dioxide gas. When the exhaust gas enters the air, it will react with the oxygen and water vapor in the air to form water vapor containing acidic substances. These water vapors combine with condensation nuclei to form acid rain. Its fall will corrode metals and plants, resulting in metal The substances are corroded, and plants die in large numbers due to the acidic effect, causing serious ecological disasters. This is also the impact ofsubstances of industrial wastewater.


There are many ways to treat industrial wastewater. The so-called physical treatment method is to use physical knowledge to change the physical properties of wastewater for harmless treatment. The usual practice is to separate pollutants in the wastewater by appropriate physical methods. After the treatment is completed, the fresh water is reused. , And in the process of treatment, the compositional nature of the wastewater will not change.

 Industrial wastewater treatment

In addition, there are other ways ofindustrial wastewater treatment. Chemical treatment is to use professional treatment equipment to conduct reasonable treatment according to specific chemical properties. The specific methods are as follows:


(1) Supercritical water oxidation method. As the temperature continues to rise, the transferability of water will change to a certain extent. If the temperature rises to a certain level, the wastewater will become a medium in which water, gas and pollutants are dissolved in proportions. One process can effectively decompose pollutants in wastewater, andsubstances of industrial wastewater will be mixed with many. This method is a very good treatment of organic wastewater.


(2) Precipitation method. For inorganic wastewater, it can be improved by soluble precipitating agents. The ionic pollutants in the wastewater will react with the precipitation agent to form a precipitate that cannot be contained in water. Because the pollutants have become precipitates, the orderly separated precipitation can effectively purify wastewater.


(3) Catalytic oxidation method. Catalytic oxidation reaction is one of the most basic reactions in the field of chemistry, which is to use catalysts to better promote chemical reactions. Using this principle in the process of wastewater treatment is to select the method of catalytic oxidation, and use catalysts and oxidants to purify the wastewater, so thatsubstances of industrial wastewater can be transformed into free radicals, so as to achieve the purpose of wastewater purification.


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