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How to make a sewage treatment solution

Source:Jiangsu Envset     Time:16 October 2020

how to make a sewage treatment solution

The key points of the process are also different for different types of wastewater. We have a complete process when we make the sewage treatment solution. Next, we will briefly introduce you how to make a sewage treatment solution.

1. Project Overview: Introduce the specific situation of the project, the source and characteristics of sewage;
2. Design basis: design reference specifications and standards;
3. Designed water quality and quantity: sewage quantity and water quality, and the standards that need to be met;
4. Process analysis: analyze and compare the advantages and disadvantages of various processes, and select the most suitable process;
5. Process flow: draw a process flow chart and introduce each process flow;
6. Analysis of the parameters of each structure: calculation of the parameters of the structure, size, and attached power equipment, materials, etc.;
7. Prevention and control of secondary pollution: analysis of possible secondary pollution and main prevention and control measures;
8. Description of electrical automation: analysis of power equipment and its degree of automation;
9. List of main structures and equipment: List of structures and equipment, with total project investment analysis; benefit analysis: analysis and calculation of sewage treatment costs, calculation of maintenance costs, analysis and calculation of resulting benefits, etc.

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