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How to deal with the scum produced by the DAF machine

Source:Jiangsu Envset     Time:24 November 2020

Many customers who use dissolved air flotation equipment have such troubles that they don't know how to deal with dissolved air flotation scum. Next, we will introduce how to deal with the scum produced by the air floatation machine.

First introduce the definition of scum and the hazards of scum to dissolved air flotation, and then seek solutions to deal with scum. Simply put, scum is the residue in the dissolved air flotation cleaning system. What needs attention is to prevent the impurities in the scum from re-dissolving, if not handled properly, it will reduce the overall effect and even cause side effects.

Dissolved air flotation machine is a commonly used solid-liquid separation equipment in the sewage treatment industry. It can effectively remove the flocculent flocs that are difficult to settle in wastewater. In recent years, with the development and wide application of dissolved air flotation technology, dissolved air flotation machines have also been developed. And application, is now widely used in wastewater treatment and drainage industry. dissolved air flotation machine is a good embodiment of dissolved air flotation technology. When using the dissolved air flotation machine, as the sewage treatment progresses, scum will be generated. Today, we will talk about how to deal with the scum produced by the dissolved air flotation machine.
how to deal with DAF scum
Disposal of scum is to better improve the purification work, and to make good use of the sucrose in the scum, and to prevent the content of the scum from deteriorating. If we can't handle it well, the effect will be biased, and even side effects will appear. When we are carrying out phosphorus treatment, the scum is relatively small, and it is also difficult to handle it, as long as a suction filter can be done.

Generally, customers who use dissolved air flotation machines will return the scum to the mixed juice and use clarification for processing. It is said that the calcium phosphate and flocculant in the scum can also function. We must know that after the scum is formed, there will be reconstituted in the process of dilution. And the greater the dilution of the scum, the more reconstituted it contains. This is something we need to pay attention to. For example, the scum and different water are mixed and stirred for three minutes, and then filtered at 95°C.

The above are some simple treatment methods that we can take when the dissolved air flotation machine produces scum. For more knowledge about dissolved dissolved air flotation machines, please follow the official website of Jiangsu Envset Equipment Engineering Co., Ltd.

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