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Features and applications of dissolved air flotation equipment

Source:Jiangsu Envset     Time:20 November 2020

The dissolved air flotation machine is mainly used to provide efficient and stable dissolved air water for the dissolved air flotation system. Dissolved air flotation equipment has simple appearance, small size, low power consumption, high efficiency and stable effect! Next, I will introduce the characteristics and applications of dissolved air flotation equipment.

dissolved air flotation features

The dissolved air flotation machine has high working efficiency, and the dissolved air efficiency is as high as 90%. During its operation, it mainly uses the principle of jet air suction. At a working pressure of about 0.4MPa, through the high-speed movement of the water flow, the air is dissolved into the water within the time limit and to the limit to form supersaturated dissolved air water. The device is mainly composed of a dissolved gas tank, a return water pump, an air compressor, a frame, etc., and the control cabinet is set separately. Whether it is solid-liquid separation or liquid-liquid separation, dissolved air flotation equipment can achieve a higher purification height. During the treatment process, a large number of fine bubbles are generated in the water through the dissolved gas and release system, which makes it adhere to the solid or liquid particles in the wastewater with a density close to that of water, resulting in a state where the overall density is less than that of water, and relying on buoyancy to make It rises to the water surface to achieve the purpose of solid-liquid or liquid-liquid separation. In the structural design, the problem of easy clogging of various conventional dissolved gas devices is solved, and continuous "no clogging" operation is truly realized. Among them, the control is safe and reliable, the automation level is high, and the operation is convenient.

Because of this, dissolved air flotation equipment is more and more widely used in the current water treatment field, and has achieved good results, and has been favored by many users. For example, in the field of water treatment, the equipment can be used to separate fine suspended solids, algae and other micro-aggregates in surface water. It can also be used to recover useful substances in industrial wastewater, such as pulp in papermaking wastewater. At the same time, it can replace the secondary settling tank to separate and concentrate the sludge in water. During the purification process of the dissolved air flotation equipment, a certain pressure is applied to make the water dissolve a large amount of gas as the working liquid. When the pressure is suddenly reduced, countless fine bubbles are released and the impurities in the water after the mixing reaction are bonded to At the same time, make the specific gravity less than 1, and float on the liquid surface to form a foam mixture, so that the pollutants are separated from the waste water to achieve the purification effect!

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