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Development of sewage treatment

Source:Jiangsu Envset     Time:03 June 2021

Sewage treatment has been a key area of my country’s ecological environment protection in recent years. The "14th Five-Year Plan" for key river basin water ecological environment protection work promotion meeting put forward "If there is a river, there must be water, if there is water, there must be fish, and if there is fish, there must be grass. , Can swim in the river” requirements. The importance of sewage treatment is also more prominent at this moment.

The "14th Five-Year Plan" will pay more attention to the protection and restoration of water ecology on the basis of improving the quality of water environment, and upgrading and upgrading is still the key work of the industry. The development of the sewage treatment industry needs to be improved.

The National Development and Reform Commission clearly promotes the utilization of wastewater resources, studies and promotes the drafting of guidelines and related implementation plans for the utilization of wastewater resources, and promotes the establishment of a "1+N" policy framework system for the utilization of wastewater resources. The wastewater treatment industry is expected to open up space for rapid growth.

Sewage treatment is an important part of the environmental protection water sector. It refers to the process of removing or reducing solid pollutants and organic pollutants in different types of sewage through professional treatment methods, so that the purified water can meet the requirements for reuse or discharge.
Many people will know the importance of sewage treatment when it comes to environmental protection treatment.

At present, sewage treatment has been widely used in agriculture, petrochemical, medical, catering and other fields.

Sewage treatment is located at the end of the entire water service industry and plays a vital role in the recycling of the water service industry. Only the good operation of the sewage treatment stage can ensure the continuous circulation of the industrial chain.

At present, my country's sewage treatment industry chain mainly consists of three aspects: water treatment equipment, engineering construction, and operation services. The proportion of revenue in terms of revenue shows a pyramidal distribution, but in terms of gross profit margin, the further downstream, the higher the gross profit margin.

Sewage can be divided into production sewage, domestic sewage and polluted rainwater according to its source.

Production sewage can be divided into industrial sewage, agricultural sewage and medical sewage, of which industrial sewage is the main one. At present, the treatment of industrial sewage and domestic sewage in the production sewage is the key target of the sewage treatment industry.

Although the amount of industrial wastewater discharge has decreased in recent years, the total amount is still high. The top 4 industries with wastewater discharge volume are paper and paper products, chemical raw materials and chemical products manufacturing, textiles, coal mining and washing. In the selection of industries, the wastewater discharge of the four industries was 8.8 billion tons, accounting for 47.1% of the total wastewater discharge of industrial enterprises.

Industrial wastewater is a technology-based industry due to its wide variety, large discharge volume, and many pollutant elements. It requires high technical level of sewage treatment plants, and the treatment processes of different industries are very different.

Rural sewage treatment is still in its infancy, and treatment facilities are generally imperfect in the construction of plant networks. The sewage treatment rate in rural areas is only about 10%. A large amount of untreated rural sewage is directly discharged into the river system and becomes the main source of water pollution.

The key to solving the dilemma of rural sewage treatment is to explore technologies that are high-efficiency, low-input, and low-cost, suitable for decentralized rural sewage treatment.

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