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Dissolved air flotation operating specifications and air intake method

Source:Jiangsu Envset     Time:26 November 2020

Air flotation machine is a kind of equipment to remove suspended solids, grease and various colloids in various industrial and municipal sewage. Below, Envset briefly introduces the operating specifications and skills of the dissolved air flotation machine:
dissolved air flotation operating specifications
1. The pressure gauge on the dissolved gas tank shall not exceed 0.6MPa.
2. Clean water pumps, air compressors, and foam scrapers should be regularly lubricated. Generally, air compressors should be oiled once every two months and changed every six months.
3. The dissolved air flotation tank should be cleaned regularly according to the amount of sediment.
4. The sewage entering the dissolved air flotation machine must be dosed, otherwise the effect is not very satisfactory.
5. Regularly check whether the safety valve on the dissolved gas tank works reliably.
6. When the release is blocked, you can open the vacuum valve to open the release tongue, clean it with water, flush the blockage, and then close the valve. The valve usually only needs to be opened for 10-20 seconds.

The dissolved air flotation machine is aerated into the water during dissolved air flotation, which has a significant effect on removing surfactants and odors in the water. At the same time, because the aeration increases the dissolved oxygen in the water, it provides favorable conditions for the subsequent treatment. The dissolved air flotation machine has two air intake methods, namely, air intake before the pump and air intake after the pump. The two air intake methods are introduced as follows:
DAF air intake method
1. Dissolved air flotation machine takes air in front of the pump. This is a pipe from the water pump pressure pipe to return to the suction pipe. A hydraulic ejector is installed on the branch pipe. When the waste water passes through the hydraulic ejector, negative pressure is caused, and the air is sucked in and mixed with the waste water. , It is sent to the gas tank through the suction pipe and the water pump. This method eliminates the need for an air compressor, and is relatively simple, and the water and air are evenly mixed, but the water pump must be self-priming and maintain a head of more than 1m. In addition, the maximum air suction volume cannot be greater than 10% of the water pump suction volume, otherwise the pump will work unstable and cavitation will occur.

2. After the dissolved air flotation machine is pumped, the air is fed into it, usually through the compressed air through the pressurized water pipe. This method makes the pump work stable and does not need to work under positive pressure, but it needs to be supplied with air by an air compressor. In order to ensure a good dissolving effect, the volume of the dissolving tank is also relatively large, and generally requires more complicated filling. Dissolved gas tank.

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