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Benefits of sewage treatment

Source:Jiangsu Envset     Time:16 April 2021

With the rapid development of China's social economy, the damage and impact brought by water pollution to the environment are becoming more and more serious. It is urgent to carry out sewage treatment. For example, sewage treatment can be used for sewage treatment. The following are some of its characteristics. 1 、Effectively remove suspended solids, with stable filtration accuracy. 2. The filter element is a special stainless steel filter screen. 3. There is no need to replenish the filter material regularly. 4. Continuous filtration and continuous flow during cleaning will reduce water consumption. 5. According to the water quality, it can be self-contained Set cleaning time and cleaning pressure difference, and can manually start cleaning. 6. Compact structure, saving space. 7. Simple operation and maintenance.

Sewage treatment filters are used in the metallurgical industry's water supply and drainage system---continuous casting and rolling water system, blast furnace water system, turbidity and clean circulating water circulation system and make-up system; steam turbine cooling water system in power plant industry; boiler wet cooling water System; large air compressor, large oxygen generator, large air conditioner cooling water system; steam turbine sea water, lake water, river water through-flow cooling and filtering system. It is also widely used in agricultural drip irrigation systems.

sewage treatment benefits

Nowadays, all environments are developing towards livability and beautification, which puts forward higher requirements for the development of environmental construction. Under the requirements of environmental construction, the establishment of new scenic lines and scenic spots is inevitable, but due to the increasing amount of sewage discharge As a result, the environment is getting worse and worse. To a certain extent, it will affect the living environment of human beings. It may consume the fruits of economic development, and will also affect the appearance of environmental construction and environmental rectification. Significantly.

After years of development, various cities have turned back to find that the ecological environment has been greatly affected, and they are spending huge amounts of money to ensure the restoration of ecological construction. In rural areas, the ecological environment has always been better. However, as the construction continues to advance, various factors have a serious impact on the environment, and one of the important factors is sewage pollution. Therefore, to ensure the vigorous development of environmental construction, it is necessary to collect and treat sewage, minimize the direct discharge of sewage, effectively improve the water quality of the river, eliminate odors, and effectively enhance the ecological environment.

A good environment is one aspect of people's pursuit of quality of life. Economic development has improved the quality of life of farmers. They not only require good food, but also drink clean water, absorb fresh air, and gradually increase their environmental requirements. Therefore, if the countless processing problems in life are not solved, it will affect the construction of the environment. As long as the domestic sewage is treated well, it will be able to conform to and conform to the people's will, and to improve people's living conditions and enhance their quality of life.

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