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Wastewater treatment equipment operation methods and precautions- mechanical screen

Source:     Time:17 September 2020

mechanical screen

There are many types of waste water treatment equipment, such as: mechanical screen, submersible mixer, MBBR, etc. Here we will give you a detailed introduction to the operation methods and precautions of different wastewater treatment equipment.

The screen is used to block the suspended or floating large solid objects in the intercepted sewage, such as duck dung, duck feathers, fibers, etc., to prevent the subsequent treatment equipment from being blocked or damaged. The screen is mainly divided into two kinds of artificial screen and mechanical screen. Regardless of what type of screen is used, the operator should make regular inspections and remove the screen slag in time to avoid odors due to sedimentation or corruption of debris. 
The mechanical screen runs according to the set time, and the opening and stopping time is set according to the actual situation. The operation should be smooth, with good lubrication and no abnormalities. Check the operation, slag discharge, and slag connection every 2 hours, and treat the grid slag in time to prevent pollutants from clogging the grid or falling into the pool again because the grid slag is not cleaned in time. 

The tap water flushing system of the rotating drum screen is set with an automatic operation cycle. Regularly observe whether the screen is blocked. In winter, the screen should be avoided from freezing. The flushing system needs to be operated for a long time. 

(1) In the course of operation, if fiber debris is entangled and blocked the harrow chain, it should be cleaned in time to avoid affecting the normal operation of the machine;  
(2) When the machine is operating normally, calcium-based grease must be injected into the grease nipple of each lubrication part with butter every two months;  
(3) The lubricating oil in the reducer must be replaced regularly, and the general equipment must be replaced after half a month of operation. Change the oil every three months in the future, and pay attention to the oil level of the reducer.

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