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Precautions for installation of wastewater treatment system

Source:     Time:19 August 2020

There are many precautions when installing wastewater treatment system. When installing the wastewater treatment system, it must be operated in accordance with the specifications and combined with the actual situation of the installation site. The installation personnel also need to have professional skills and experience to ensure that the wastewater treatment system is installed in place. Let's take a look at the installation precautions for the wastewater treatment system.


1. Be careful not to go wrong

When installing the wastewater treatment system, you need to make corresponding preparations with reference to the installation drawings. When hoisting, check whether the direction of the inlet and outlet is correct, the position and direction of the tank body can not be misplaced, and the distance between each other must be accurate. After the system is hoisted in place, pay attention to measuring the level. If it is found to be uneven, it should be adjusted in time to keep it level.

2. Pay attention to basic maintenance

In order to ensure the smooth installation of the wastewater treatment system and the performance after installation, it is necessary to not only lay the foundation, but also make the concrete bottom plate and ensure that the average pressure of the foundation can meet the standard requirements, and the foundation must be horizontal. In addition, the system can only be installed after the concrete foundation pouring and maintenance period is over. If the wastewater treatment system is installed below the floor, the relative elevation of the foundation from the floor should be noted according to the size of the figure.

3. Pay attention to the wiring and the control cabinet

When installing the wastewater treatment system, connect the control line of the electric control cabinet to the system. When wiring, pay attention to the steering of the underwater aerator and the submersible sewage pump motor. If the control cabinet is in the basement, place it in a ventilated place and keep it dry. , Generally, the control cabinet cannot be placed in the open air and must be protected from sunlight and rain to avoid burning the control panel due to the leakage of the control panel and the terminal.


The above are some important things to pay attention to when installing a wastewater treatment system. Envset is engaged in the design and installation of professional sewage and wastewater treatment systems and other environmental projects, and has professional technical personnel. If you want to know more about the precautions for installing wastewater treatment system, please contact us.


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