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Working principle of sewage treatment system

Source:     Time:27 August 2020

Dissolved Air Flotation

There are many types of sewage treatment systems. Understanding the working principle of the sewage treatment system can select the most suitable sewage treatment system for the enterprise.

Sewage treatment equipment can effectively treat urban domestic sewage, industrial wastewater, etc., and prevent sewage and pollutants from directly flowing into the waters. It is of great significance to improve the ecological environment, enhance the quality of the city and promote economic development.
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The sewage treatment equipment mainly removes the suspended solid pollutants in the sewage, and most of the physical treatment methods can only complete the requirements of primary treatment. After the first-level treatment, BOD can generally be removed by about 30%, which does not meet the discharge standard. The primary treatment belongs to the pretreatment of the secondary treatment. Further treatment of refractory organic matter, nitrogen and phosphorus, and other soluble inorganic matter that can lead to eutrophication of the water body, etc. The main methods include biological nitrogen and phosphorus removal, coagulation sedimentation, sand filtration, activated carbon adsorption, ion exchange and electrodialysis. A method for processing industrial sewage belongs to the technical field of sewage treatment. It is to lead the sewage to the sump, adjust the pH at the end of the sump, and use the first-stage dissolved air pump to raise it to the first-stage pressure dissolving tank, and at the same time suck in the air and the coagulant decolorizing agent, and the The first-level saturated dissolved gas water inside is suddenly released to the first-level air flotation tank to form the first-level treated water.

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