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Water preliminary treatment and the main methods of preliminary treatment

Source:     Time:17 August 2020


The preliminary treatment of water is the preliminary treatment carried out in advance before the water fine treatment, in order to obtain good results in the water fine treatment and improve the water quality. Because natural water has a lot of impurities, such as sediment, clay, organic matter, microorganisms, mechanical impurities, etc., the presence of these impurities seriously affects the quality and treatment effect of refined water, so some impurities must be reduced or removed before refined treatment , Which requires pre-processing, sometimes called pre-processing.

There are many preliminary treatment methods, mainly including pre-sedimentation, coagulation, clarification, filtration, softening, and disinfection. After preliminary treatment with these methods, the suspended matter (turbidity), color, colloid, organic matter, iron, manganese, temporary hardness, microorganism, volatile matter, dissolved gas and other impurities can be removed or reduced to a certain level. degree.

1. Pre-sedimentation: In the case of large volume and low flow rate, solid particles in water are separated from the water due to gravity. Such as grit tank and pre-sediment tank.
2. Coagulation: Using coagulants such as iron salt, aluminum salt, and polymer materials to form large-particle sediments with impurities in the water through flocculation and bridging, and then pass other equipment, such as clarification tanks, filter tanks, etc. Remove.
3. Clarification: The large-particle sediment formed by the action of the coagulant is separated in the clarification tank, and the sediment is removed to obtain clarified water.
4. Filtration: The water to be treated flows through a device equipped with special filter materials, such as various filters, to intercept and remove impurities in the water.
5. Softening: Use chemical agents, such as lime water, soda ash, etc., to remove the hardness of bicarbonate in water; or use cation exchange resin to remove calcium, magnesium, and iron ions in the water. This process is called softening.
6. Disinfection: Add biocides, such as liquid chlorine, bleaching powder, etc., to kill microorganisms in the water.

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