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Types of wastewater treatment system

Source:     Time:11 August 2020

There are many types of wastewater treatment system. Different wastewater treatment system has different effects and characteristics in wastewater treatment. Next, this article will introduce several different types of wastewater treatment system.

1.Centrifuge (solid-liquid separation equipment)
The centrifuge is mainly used to separate the solid particles in the suspension from the liquid, or to separate the two incompatible liquids in the emulsion with different densities. It can also be used to remove Liquids in wet solids, such as using a washing machine to spin dry wet clothes. Special ultra-velocity tube separators can also separate gas mixtures of different densities.

2.Sludge dewatering equipment
Sludge dewatering equipment is characterized by automatic control operation, continuous production, stepless speed regulation, suitable for various sludges, suitable for sludge dewatering in various industries such as water supply and drainage, papermaking, foundry, leather, textile, chemical industry, food, etc. .
Multi-Disk Screw Press

The aerator uses the diffuser impeller to directly inject "micro bubbles" into the untreated sewage. Under the combined action of the coagulant and the flocculant, the suspended matter undergoes physical and chemical flocculation, thereby forming a large suspended matter Flocs. Under the floating action of air bubbles, "flocs" float on the liquid surface to form scum, which is separated from the water by a slag scraper. There is no need to clean the nozzle and no blockage will occur.

 Air diffuser Disk typeAir diffuser Tube type

4.Micro filter
The micro filter is a rotating drum screen filter device. The treated wastewater enters the drum along the axial direction and flows out through the screen in a radial radial shape. Impurities in the water are trapped on the inner surface of the filter screen on the drum. When the impurities trapped on the filter screen are brought to the upper part by the rotating drum, they are backwashed into the slag discharge tank by the pressure washing water and flow out. The micro-filtration machine has a small area, large production capacity, convenient operation and management, and has been successfully applied to water supply and wastewater treatment.
Rotary Drum Screen
5.Air flotation machine
Air flotation machine is a kind of equipment to remove suspended solids, grease and various jelly in various industrial and municipal sewage. This equipment is widely used in the treatment of industrial wastewater and municipal sewage such as oil refining, chemical industry, brewing, slaughter and electroplating. According to the method of dissolved air, it is divided into: inflatable air flotation machine, dissolved air flotation machine and electrolytic air flotation machine. The principle is to efficiently mix gas or two or more different liquids that are difficult to dissolve in water. Use tiny bubbles as a carrier to adhere to impurity particles in the water. The particles are entrained by the bubbles and rise to the water surface to separate from the water, achieving the purpose of solid-liquid separation.

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