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The significance and function of sludge dewatering

Source:     Time:25 August 2020


Sludge dewatering is a sludge treatment method that removes water from fluid primary, concentrated or digested sludge and converts it into semi-solid or solid sludge. The methods of dehydration mainly include natural drying method, mechanical dehydration method and granulation method.

Sludge is an inevitable product of sewage treatment plants and sewage treatment. After the sludge that has not been properly treated enters the environment, it directly brings secondary pollution to the water body and the atmosphere, which not only reduces the effective treatment capacity of the sewage treatment system, but also poses a serious threat to the ecological environment and human activities.

In the process of sewage treatment, a large amount of sludge is produced, which accounts for about 0.3% to 0.5% of the treated water (water content is about 97%). Of the total construction costs of sewage treatment plants, about 20% to 50%, and even 70%, are used to treat sludge. The sludge contains a lot of harmful and toxic substances, such as parasite eggs, heavy metals, etc.; useful substances such as phytonutrients, organic matter and water. The purpose of sludge treatment is to reduce, stabilize, harmless, and comprehensively utilize sludge. Commonly used unit processes are: concentration, stabilization, sludge adjustment, and dehydration.
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After being concentrated and digested, the sludge still has a water content of about 95% to 97%, and the volume is still large. For comprehensive utilization and final disposal, the sludge needs to be dehydrated. The function of dehydration is to remove the water that exists between and within the sludge particles, so that the physical properties of the liquid sludge are changed to semi-solid. The ideal dehydration should be to remove the water to the maximum, while the solid particles of the sludge are It should all be kept on the dehydrated mud cake, and the investment required for this operation is minimal.

Sludge treatment is an important part of sewage treatment. It is of great significance and must be given full attention. Envset is a professional supplier of sludge dewatering machines. If you have any questions about sludge dewatering, please contact us.

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