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The role of anaerobic biological filter

Source:     Time:15 September 2020


Anaerobic biological filter is an anaerobic biological reactor filled with microbial carrier (ie filter material). Part of the anaerobic microorganisms adhere to and grow on the filter material to form an anaerobic biofilm, and some of them are suspended in the gaps of the filter material. Users who are familiar with wastewater treatment know the role of anaerobic biological filter in the entire wastewater treatment process. In order to let everyone know clearly, let us introduce the role of anaerobic biological filter.

1. Filtration: The filler intercepts large particles and suspended matter filtered into the water.
2. Hydrolysis: Anaerobic microorganisms can hydrolyze large-molecule insoluble substances into small-molecule soluble substances.
3. Absorption: Anaerobic microorganisms absorb and absorb organic pollutants in water, part of which is used for their own growth and reproduction, and part of which is sealed by U-shaped water in the form of biogas.
4. Denitrification: return the effluent from the contact oxidation bed to the anaerobic filter. The denitrifying bacteria in the anaerobic microorganisms can use the nitrate nitrogen in the return water and convert it into nitrogen to remove the nitrogen in the sewage.

The above four points are the role of anaerobic biological filter. After reading this article, I believe you will have a better understanding of sewage treatment. In the entire sewage treatment process, each part is playing its own role. If you want to know the details of other stages in the sewage treatment process, you can go to the Jiangsu Envset website for details.

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