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Ten advantages of air flotation equipment

Source:     Time:27 August 2020

Dissolved Air Flotation

Air flotation equipment has great advantages in the field of wastewater treatment, and is used in various wastewater treatment plants and different fields of various industries.

1. Advanced technology: compact structure, reasonable design, and small footprint;
2. Good effluent quality: convenient for dehydration;
3. Excellent performance: stable treatment effect and reliable operation;
4. High efficiency of sewage treatment: large capacity, small volume, uniform microbubbles generated, eliminating sludge expansion;
5. Low mud production: high scum concentration, low mud production, easy to dewater;
6. High removal rate: targeted for BOD, COD, SS and other units;
7. Low temperature, low turbidity, and a lot of water containing algae, which can be made by flotation to achieve better results;
8. Convenient installation: the operation is simple, easy for operators to master, and easy for enterprises to use;
9. Low investment: low operating cost;
10. Easy to maintain: the engineering and equipment structure is simple, and the maintenance is convenient;

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