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Selection of wastewater treatment system

Source:     Time:14 August 2020

When selecting wastewater treatment system, it is necessary to select suitable system for different types of sewage and the water quality requirements that need to be met. Next, I will introduce you to the precautions for the selection of wastewater treatment system.

1. Emission standard:
Regardless of whether the wastewater treatment system adopts any technology or process, the system configuration and the water produced after the equipment operation must meet the national regulations and the sewage discharge standards of the relevant regions.
2. Equipment reliability:
Principles of technical safety and reliability. At present, although there are many kinds of water treatment technologies and equipment in our country, the most advanced technology and the highest safety and reliability equipment must be selected from the numerous technical theories and equipment.
3. Equipment operating costs:
Understand the operating costs of the equipment in the future operation process, generally including labor costs, electricity costs, pharmaceutical costs and maintenance costs. In the case of ensuring that the effluent quality meets the standard, try to select equipment with low operating costs. Also pay attention to the quality of some commonly used parts in the equipment to avoid a large amount of maintenance costs in the future.
4. Ease of management:
The relative shortage of technical management personnel in some enterprises requires simplicity and ease of management in terms of equipment management and maintenance. If the equipment management technology requirements are too high and exceed the capabilities of the managers, the normal operation and management of the equipment will not be guaranteed.
5. After-sales service
Different from other industrial products, sewage treatment equipment requires regular maintenance to ensure the quality of the effluent water and reach a normal service life. Except for the product itself, it is very different whether consumers have purchased qualified after-sales service.

You can refer to the above points when choosing wastewater treatment system, and I hope it will help you. Envset specializes in the design and installation of environmental engineering. Our wastewater treatment system can adopt targeted wastewater treatment technologies and processes according to specific industries to ensure that the water quality of the equipment meets user requirements. For more details about wastewater treatment system, please contact us.

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