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Wastewater treatment equipment operation methods and precautions- MBBR system

Source:     Time:21 September 2020

MBBR system operation methods

The MBBR membrane module used in this project is a curtain hollow fiber membrane. The membrane equipment consists of a membrane frame, a membrane filament module, a gas supply pipeline, and a water suction pipeline. The membrane effluent is discharged through a self-priming pump. The oxygen required for biodegradation and the power for the membrane filament vibration and cleaning are supplied by a blower. If the sludge attached to the membrane filament cannot fall off through the vibration, it needs to be backwashed with water and chemical cleaning. Generally, sodium hypochlorite or citric acid solution is used to inject the inside of the membrane filament, and then drain out after soaking for a period of time. 

(1) Normal startup and operation: confirm that the entire system is connected correctly and the control system is fault-free; put in clean water, so that the entire membrane system is immersed in the clean water, and the clean water is released to the operating level; turn on the fan, adjust the air volume to the required air volume, and determine the fan The uniformity of aeration; when everything is normal, open the water production valve to ensure that the water production pipeline is unblocked; slowly open the self-priming pump, and observe the pressure of the vacuum gauge after the system produces water normally; when the system is filtered, the constant flow filtration method is generally used , Use a flow meter for measurement. 
(2) Water backwashing: The water backwashing program when the membrane system is running is automatic, running 1min every 30min (program adjustable), periodic operation: when the backwashing starts, the self-priming pump water inlet valve is closed and the self-priming pump stops running , The electric valve of the backwash pump is opened and the backwash pump is running; after running for 1 min, the electric valve of the backwash pump is closed, the backwash pump stops running, the electric valve of the self-priming pump is opened, the self-priming pump runs, and the water production is restored. 
(3) On-line cleaning: The on-line cleaning of medicaments requires manual operation. The specific steps are: stop the self-priming pump to stop filtering; close the treated water pipe and leave it for two minutes; stop aeration, open the exhaust valve, and discharge in the pipe Gas; Open the liquid medicine injection tube (the liquid medicine is a sodium hypochlorite solution with an effective chlorine concentration of less than 1000mg/L), turn on the liquid medicine pump, and inject the liquid medicine from the water production port. Inject the chemical solution into the hollow fiber and the corresponding pipe within 30 minutes, and let it stand and soak for 90 minutes; the treated water after the online chemical cleaning contains a lot of chlorine. If you do not want to have residual chlorine in the treated water, you can Inject the reducing agent (sodium thiosulfate) into the liquid medicine injection pipe to neutralize the residual chlorine in the water; open the aeration system and expose for 30 minutes without filtering at this time. After the above operations are completed, open the water production pipe, start the self-priming pump, and start the normal operation of the MBR. 
(4) Offline cleaning: offline cleaning requires manual operation. The specific steps are: stop the entire system, use a crane to lift the entire membrane frame into the cleaning tank for cleaning; under low pressure, use tap water to rinse the inside of the membrane module to Take out the sludge inside the membrane module; completely immerse the membrane module in the chemical solution and let it stand for 6-24 hours; after the offline chemical cleaning, take out the membrane module from the cleaning tank and rinse with water to completely remove the adhesion on the membrane module Until the pH value in the membrane module is 7; put the module back into the membrane tank and connect it. Without filtering, open the aeration system for 30 minutes in air. Then run again for more than 30 minutes with a flux that is less than half of the normal operating flux; resume normal operation.

(1) Pay attention to the working pressure of the membrane and strictly control the negative pressure within -0.04. If the negative pressure exceeds -0.04, the membrane module must be cleaned with drugs. The water flow rate should be strictly controlled within the designed maximum water volume to avoid damage to the membrane assembly . 
(2) Pay attention to the backwash pressure and water volume of the water backwash system. The backwash pressure should not exceed 0.1 MPa, and the flow should not exceed 1.5 times the membrane water output. If changes occur, adjust in time to avoid damage to the membrane group. 

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