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Introduction to the maintenance rules of wastewater treatment system

Source:     Time:18 August 2020

Wastewater treatment system is frequently maintained, which can keep it in normal working condition. The maintenance method also needs to be correct to ensure the effect. Next, this article will introduce the maintenance rules of wastewater treatment system.


1. Wastewater treatment system protection personnel must pass skill training and production practice, and can only take up their posts after passing the examination. It is necessary for the protection personnel to understand the processing technology and equipment, the operation requirements and technical indicators of the equipment, and the repair rules of electromechanical equipment.

2. The protection personnel should patrol and check the operating conditions of structures, equipment, electrical appliances and appearances as required, and insist on the cleanliness of various machinery and equipment, and no water, oil, or gas leakage. According to the requirements of different electromechanical equipment, check on time, add or replace lubricating oil or grease.

3. The starting equipment should be started after preparing for starting. When the power supply voltage is greater than or less than 5% of the additional voltage, it is not suitable to start the motor. When opening and closing the electrical switch, the protection personnel should follow the electrician's operating regulations. It is necessary to cut off the power during repairs, and the repair signs should be hung at the switch before operation.

4. In rainy weather or ice, snow and fire, repairers should pay attention to non-slip when patrolling on structures or protecting equipment.

5. Protective personnel should wear complete labor protection supplies and do safety precautions. The lifting equipment should be operated by a dedicated person. People are not allowed to stand under the hanging objects.

6. The lifting equipment should be operated by a dedicated person. People are not allowed to stand under the hanging objects. Protective life-saving equipment and supplies should be equipped at obvious locations of the structure. Non-post personnel are prohibited from opening and closing the mechanical and electrical equipment of their posts.

7. In workshops with electrical equipment and flammable and explosive places, fire-fighting equipment should be installed in accordance with the relevant rules of the fire-fighting department. The protection personnel should check the structure of the structure and various gate valves, guardrails, ladders, pipes, brackets and covers at regular intervals, repair and anti-corrosion treatment, and replace the damaged lighting equipment in time.

8. The protection personnel should always check and tighten various equipment connections, and replace the wearing parts of the coupling regularly. Various pipeline gate valves should be opened and closed regularly, and the screw should be filled with grease frequently. The protection personnel should check and clean the electrical control cabinet regularly and test its various skills and functions. The protection personnel should regularly check the limit switch of the electric gate valve and the manual and electric interlocking equipment.

9. After stopping the pump each time, check the sealing condition of the packing or oil seal and perform necessary treatment. And add or replace packing, lubricating oil and grease as needed.

10. For equipment equipped with steel wire rope, the wear amount of the rope is more than 10% of the original diameter, or one of the strands is now broken, it is necessary to replace it.

11. In addition to daily protection and maintenance of various sewage treatment equipment, large, medium and small repairs should be carried out according to planning requirements or the requirements of the sewage treatment equipment manufacturer.

12. When inspecting and repairing various types of sewage treatment equipment, it is necessary to ensure its coaxiality, static balance or dynamic balance according to the requirements of the equipment. Do not throw lubricating oil, grease and other sundries replaced by repaired equipment into the sewage treatment equipment. When repairing mechanical equipment, temporary power lines shall not be overlapped at will.


The above is an introduction to the maintenance rules of wastewater treatment system, Envset hope it will be helpful to everyone. Follow the correct method to maintain the equipment to make the equipment work better. If you have any questions about the maintenance of wastewater treatment system, please contact us.


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