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Debugging of industrial wastewater treatment system

Source:     Time:20 August 2020


Application of wastewater treatment system allows us to save a lot of water and increase the reuse rate of water. Before industrial wastewater treatment system is used, it needs to be debugged to ensure that the machine can work normally. The following article will introduce the specific debugging process of industrial wastewater treatment system.

The water source of industrial wastewater treatment system is taken from domestic sewage (such as shower drainage, toilet drainage, laundry drainage, kitchen drainage, toilet drainage, etc.) and cooling water. The scope of application of this system is residential sewage, office buildings, shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, institutions, schools, troops, factories, etc. and similar industrial organic wastewater, such as textiles, beer, paper, leather, food, and chemicals. 

1. Stand-alone trial operation: including the stand-alone operation of the industrial wastewater treatment system after installation and the water test of each treatment unit structure. The industrial wastewater treatment system is tested under the conditions of no water and water has been entered, and the hydraulics are checked at the same time Whether the water level of the structure meets the design requirements.
2. Carry out the clean water linkage trial operation of the design water volume of the entire process system to open up the process flow. Investigate the operation of industrial sewage treatment system under the flow of clean water, and check whether some automatic control instruments and the pipelines and valves connecting each process unit meet the design requirements .
3. Each treatment unit of each level of treatment enters the wastewater to be treated separately, and the treatment effect of each treatment unit is checked or the preparation work before formal operation is carried out.
4. The whole process wastewater linkage test run until the effluent water quality reaches the standard. At this stage, the stability of the operation of the industrial sewage treatment system is further tested, and the linkage of the automatic control system is realized.

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