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Cleaning points of wastewater treatment system

Source:     Time:20 August 2020


Wastewater treatment system can effectively treat sewage and industrial waste water in daily life, and avoid pollution of the environment by sewage. Wastewater treatment system has an important development in our daily life applications. Therefore, the cleaning of wastewater treatment system is very important. This article will share some cleaning points of wastewater treatment system.

1.Industrial wastewater treatment system front and back cleaning: all sliding surfaces and lead screws, gears, racks, etc. are free of oil and bruises; all parts do not leak oil, water, air, and electricity; clean the cuttings and garbage.
2. Refuel and change the oil on time, and the oil quality meets the requirements; the oil can, oil gun, oil cup, linoleum, and oil line are cleaned completely, the oil standard is bright, and the oil path is unblocked.
3. Things, workpieces, and accessories are placed neatly; safety protection system is complete; lines and pipes are intact.
4.Implement the rules for manning and scheduling and handover; understand the structure of the system and abide by the operating regulations, use the system rationally, carefully maintain the system, and prevent accidents.
5. The pH value of the sewage entering the geographic domestic sewage treatment system must be between 6-9, and the partial acid or the partial alkali will affect the normal growth of the biofilm.
6. It must be noted that no large solid matter can enter the sewage, so as to avoid blockage of pipes and orifices and damage to the pump.
7. Generally, the oil needs to be changed once when the fan is running for 6 months to improve the service life of the fan.
8. The manhole of the domestic wastewater treatment system must be covered to prevent accidents or falling of large solid materials.
9. It is necessary to ensure that the air inlet of the fan of the domestic waste and wastewater treatment system is unblocked.

In order to extend the service life of the system, wastewater treatment system must be cleaned regularly. Envset has professional technicians for after-sales service of wastewater treatment system. If you have any questions about the cleaning of wastewater treatment system, you can contact us.

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