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Classification of sewage

Source:     Time:14 August 2020

There are many sewage pipelines under the city where we live. Basically, sewage is produced every day in our lives. So what is sewage? There are many sources of sewage, and it can also be defined as liquid or water that carries waste mixed with groundwater, surface water, snowstorms, etc., discharged from residential institutions, commercial or industrial areas. According to the source of sewage, sewage can be roughly divided into four categories.

The first category: industrial wastewater
Wastewater from manufacturing, mining and industrial production activities, including wastewater from runoff and live leachate from industrial or commercial storage and processing, and other non-domestic wastewater.
The second category: domestic sewage
Sewage from residences, office buildings, institutions or similar; sanitary sewage; sewage sewage, including industrial wastewater mixed with domestic sewage in the sewer system.
The third category: commercial sewage
Non-toxic and harmless sewage from commercial facilities with certain components exceeding domestic sewage. Such as catering sewage. Laundry sewage, animal breeding sewage, etc.
The fourth category: surface runoff
From rainwater, snow water, highway water, water from cities and industrial areas, etc., surface runoff does not penetrate into the soil, and enters groundwater along streets and land.

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