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Advantages of dissolved air flotation equipment

Source:     Time:21 August 2020


The advantages of dissolved air flotation equipment are compared with sedimentation tanks. Before the emergence of dissolved air flotation equipment, the wastewater needs to undergo sedimentation treatment after coagulation, so that the accumulated pollutants sink to the bottom of the water to achieve solid-liquid separation, but this method There are also many shortcomings, and later developed dissolved air flotation equipment. Compared with sedimentation tanks, dissolved air flotation equipment has the following advantages:

1. High efficiency, the separation efficiency of the same unit area is five times that of the sedimentation tank, and the dissolving air efficiency is as high as 90%, which can save 70% of the land area and 80% of the purified water retention time.
2. The slag discharge is convenient, and the slag can be discharged from below. The slag body has low water content. The volume of the same water volume is one-fourth of the sedimentation tank.
3. It can handle a smaller volume of flocs and reduce the dosage of coagulant by 30%.
4. The area is small, the unit load is light, all prefabricated houses do not need an operating room, the equipment can be set up overhead and multi-layer combination.
5. The degree of purification is high, and the suspended solids removal rate is more than 90%, which has stronger anti-blocking ability than other DAF.
6. The operation is simple and convenient, no air compressor and dissolved gas tank are needed, which greatly reduces the noise.
7. Good operation stability, strong trapping ability, large and sufficient aeration, small and dense bubbles, and good treatment effect.

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